Sufficiently Enough


Thanksgiving Day allows me to stop and be consciously grateful. This morning I slept in a wee bit and then snuggled into bed with Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection. She was quoting another author who says we are a society who believes that we never have enough. From the moment we awaken to our last thought before drifting off to sleep we think we are lacking. I know many mornings I do awake with the desire to hit the snooze button, trying to squeeze in a few more moments of sleep. I go to bed, and shake my head at what remains on my to-do list. However today when I reflected on it, I was grateful for Brene’s insights of needing to choose a mindset of sufficiency because it led me to think about my practice of doing the Examen nightly before turning out the lights. There I can see how much was accomplished during the day. I can relax into the moments when I recognized God present during the day and delight in those moments when God was there, even if I missed it. God had it! I am so grateful for that.


Those early settlers who stopped and gave thanks for the harvest at this time of year remind me to stop and be glad too for all the gifts received this day and every single day of my life. Their lives were much different than mine and yet they must have toppled exhausted into their beds too at day’s end, happy for what had unfolded despite the challenges. The secret, of course, is to be thankful, even in the struggles. When my apartment seems colder than this sod house at this time of year before the furnace really kicks in, I still can appreciate the roof over my head.

Be still and know that I am God echoes in my head and heart today. I appreciate the opportunity for a few quiet moments today in church and the greater cathedral of nature. My to-do list will not be completed today but I can let it go with thanks for what did happen today instead of grumbling about what did not. I had enough today and that is a blessing.



About sstyves

A Canadian prairie girl rooted in Ignatian spirituality, I seek God in all things. Whether I catch a glimpse of the Divine and delight in its presence in nature or in the beauty of an encounter with someone, I am ever so grateful that I can recognize the Creator. I greet each new day with hope and happiness, expecting blessings and miracles because I am created to praise, love and serve God. This blog is one way of realizing that through my writings, prayers, and photography. To God be the Glory!
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