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IMG_1262What is home to you? Do you think of it as a place with two loving parents and some children residing in a shared space? Is it your partner and your dog?  You and your fish? A community that fills your heart? When you think of the word home, what images come to mind?

I was in Montreal recently, visiting family and home is connected to the land for me, the land through my ancestors. Some days, I have a very clear picture of home being something much greater than myself. A slice of generations carving out the land in this great country as my ancestors did is embedded in me. I have a deep love of both my country and the prairie land in which I grew up. I cannot always explain it but even in Quebec where all four of my grandparents are from I feel a kinship to a Spirit that still whispers my name. I am so grateful for this.

Home is a funny concept. As I entered my uncle’s house, he gave me a big hug and kiss, evaporating the time that had passed into seconds instead of years. He reminds me of my father both in looks and being. When he is with his siblings, there is something beautiful that transpires. I think it is that home is present even though not all of them would have lived in the same house for a number of years. They seem to know who they are and where they come from when they are together. I simply adore this. I always have. I perhaps have always felt a little jealous of it on some level. Whatever it is, when I encounter it, I want to embrace it and welcome it into my heart.

Tonight I spoke with someone who responded to the question, how are you? with I am alive. I bantered back: That’s a good thing. His response was something like Not necessarily. Aren’t we all supposed to be headed Elsewhere? Yes, we are.  He did not know my situation and I did not tell him until I sent him an email after I got home. We should be setting our eyes on the bigger definition of Home, the one even broader than what I have just tried to articulate about this earthly realm. We are all headed Home. Most of us do not know when. Some of us, occasionally considered lucky, have an idea about sooner than later. The recent shootings in Florida are just another example that we are never sure of the length of our days. A friend of mine lies in the hospital tonight after surgery and another in a medically-induced coma. All these lives and those who love these people hang in the great balance of grief, sorrow, and hope.  In the blink of an eye, people are adjusting to a new reality. Some will heal and move on, grateful for the opportunity to take a good hard look at what life means. Others will pick up shattered pieces. I watched a survivor of the Florida shootings talk about being shot three times, knowing full well that the shooter had intended to kill him and the others around him. How must he process this?

Home, our Heavenly Home, awaits us. We do not know when we will walk through that Gate, but it is wise to spend some time pondering what that Home means to us.



Reflection Questions

What is home to you in the earthly sense?

How ready are you for Home?


Precious Lord, lead me Home when the time comes. For now, let me rejoice in my home here and relish all the relationships that come with this gift. Amen.


About sstyves

A Canadian prairie girl rooted in Ignatian spirituality, I seek God in all things. Whether I catch a glimpse of the Divine and delight in its presence in nature or in the beauty of an encounter with someone, I am ever so grateful that I can recognize the Creator. I greet each new day with hope and happiness, expecting blessings and miracles because I am created to praise, love and serve God. This blog is one way of realizing that through my writings, prayers, and photography. To God be the Glory!
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2 Responses to My Home

  1. Karen Wheadon says:

    Such a beautiful post today Suzanne. I am at my friend Corinne’s house again. Just brought the 2 kittens I found to vet for tests to see if they are adoptable through SPCA. I’ve become attached to them😟 I have to follow through though as I took responsibility for them the minute I brought them through the door. So waiting here. Just cleaned Corrine’s bathroom for her and fixed myself some lunch. Now waiting in the quiet overlooking the bay with the hum of the fridge and sound of the crow outside:) When I think of the word home for me it is definitely connected to the land, my birthplace, the land where my grandparents and parents lived and made their lives. The potatoes garden has long been grown over, but I walk near it and I know where it was. I also know where the old house and barn once was as I lived in it until age 4 and it was not torn down until I was 6-7. My fathered trees have grown so big and the little seedling I planted with dad when I was around 6-7 is a big tree now. How could I not have a connection:) I would never sell this place because I believe it’s important to have land somewhere you are connected to or own. I have no family, only Randy and Ben. I do miss having Ben as part of this home I now live in…well it is homebase.

    Yes, in the blink of an eye, things can change. I think about that lots. Corinne is here until 28 june, but she got a phone call this morning that her 92 year old mother had to be taken to hospital with a bleed and lost 2 pints of blood. Let’s hope she will be ok and Corinne doesn’t have to return for further emergency.

    Where my home will be after earth, I really don’t know, but your post reminds me that I need to enjoy my home where it is now and be grateful.

    Had a Skype with Ben last nite, it’s been awhile. He has requested that we don’t ask how he is or talk anything about his illness. For the first time I was able to do that and it was a positive skype, it felt good……all about the kittens last nite:) also, a couple of nites ago I looked at your pp of birthday party. How creative it was, made both of us cry and laugh. I also shared your tick toc blog with her because I’ve mentioned you lots to her over the years and was hoping you both would have met. I wanted her to get a little idea of the person you are. She also shared the blog of her good friend Kim, a teacher up the road whose cancer has returned from 4 years ago when she had breast cancer. She is now off for this year to do chemo and 27 rounds of radiation to come. We visited her the other nite. Corinne is very close to her and always Back and forth to her home when she is here in NL. Kim is a high school English teacher, also a gifted writer like yourself. Anyway, Corinne and I both had a good cry and some laughter that involved both you and Kim. Kim and her husband Glen who also is not well did a very entertaining screechin in skit for Bonnie and Phil when they visited 3 summers ago. It was sooooo funny….Marge and Garge around the bay concept:) they are good people but have been plagued with health problems for a long time, can never seem to get a break.

    Thinking of you today Suzanne and wishing you a lovely day…I know you will embrace whatever it may bring.

    Love, Karen 💜 Sent from my iPad


  2. sstyves says:

    Good morning, Karen! Lots in this to think about. I will address just a few points.

    Both you and R are such people of the Rock. The place is in your blood. I love your description of your land and memories.

    I hope things have turned out for the best with Corinne’s mother and that Kim too will be fine. I was thinking about what you said about Ben. We really appreciate people not always consumed by our illness and letting us be more than that. Last night I was out with friends for 3 hours. It was only towards the end that the conversation turned to my illness. It makes for a very relaxing time for me when we do that. Good for Ben for setting these boundaries.

    I’m glad you have a person with whom you can share laughter and tears–nothing better in the world than that freedom and love.


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